About Us

aboutusEveryone deserves a high quality food, especially traditional Food which should be more available and well presented, Za’atar Express takes on this responsibility to prepare better food with premium raw material, at affordable prices. Za’atar Express is a unique concept as it combines the feel of home cooking with a professional chef experience. Za’atar Express is for everyone seeking home cooking on a professional level.

Za’atar Express was established in May 2007. The idea at first started in 1992 where the owner found herself indulged in the world of cooking, in addition to her experience within the business field, which leads to the infusion and development of both Moroccan and Lebanese Cuisine in one place.Later in November 2011 and after the success the business had known, the owner has opened a new Shop in another location, targeting mainly the nearby clientele.

Za’atar Express mission is to provide all clients with tasty & healthy food with good quality services and at affordable price

Za’atar Express is determined to change the clients’ fast food eating habits by offering healthy food made of natural and organic ingredients.